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Our BEACHUP CAMP TRAININGS are 4 week camps which take place 6-7 times during the year. You workout 3 times a week for 4 weeks in a small group with only 6 participants. Our modern high intensive interval training sessions  ( H I I T) change daily and are never the same. HIIT will help you increase lean muscle, boost your performance and loose body fat in only 4 weeks. Our small group offers a very efficient and personal  1:6 coach/customer ratio. Everyone can join our camps, from beginner to advanced.  We focus on coaching you towards your individual goals while having lots of fun in our groups during training. Together we achieve our goals – in only 4 weeks.

3 workouts per week (mo-tue-thu),
12 workouts in 4 weeks
small group (max. 6 per group)
fittests, inbody analysis (fo first timers), individual goal orientation, whatsapp-support 


XTENSIONS are  2 week workout prolongations (only for previous CAMP members)
2 x 3 workouts
whatsapp support



Our most challenging CAMP!
The ideal pre-christmas boost. We train 4 times a week (mondän through thursday) for 2 weeks
Maximum Power and special Christmas fun and surprises!


On special request, we offer  personal Beachup Camps for one or two people. Those individualized camps can take place over several weeks and several days, according to your personal time schedule. Even with a very busy corporate routine or a travel intensive lifestyle you can still enjoy effective training. Our individual camps follow the same principles (HIIT) and intensity routines as the small group camps.   Personal Camps have a 1:1 or 1:2 coach/customer ratio which offers a more intensive personal coaching and more flexibility with the timing.


We also offer personal weekend sessions with 1 to 3 participants (max.) upon request. You can book a coach on Saturday or Sunday to work on specific issues or to get better in a special move and increase the BEACHUP- effect.

For a better you – and no more excuses!

Please email us to requests a personal training:


Saturday is funday!
On saturdays we regularly offer special regeneration workouts, theme life coachings about special subjects such as nutrition, sleep, vitamins or styling…and many more.

The special event dates can be found in our online calendar or you can register for our newsletter here:

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