BEACHUP CAMP ... a life changing experience

As lifestyle company we aim to give our customers an holistic approach to wellbeing, fitness and personal performance. The MINDBODY transformation through Beachup means getting a healthy body and mind with the goal of living a better and more self-conscious life. Our program focusses on physical activity through small group training, smart and healthy eating plans as well as personal life coaching. The concept is based on the latest scientific evidence on fitness, physical activity, systemic coaching and healthy eating and guarantees a significant change… AFTER ONLY 4 WEEKS! BEACHUP CAMP is more than just another fitness trend- it's a fun life changing event!

OUR GOAL: You become what you want to be!

Do you want to feel fit? Do you need more motivation at work? Do you lack energy to manage your stressful daily routines? Do you want to feel good about yourself again? Do you want to look good at the beach? You tried so many things and you finally want to see real results?
Beachup Camp - das Ziel
Beachup Camp - Veränderung

BEACHUP CAMP guarantees change through 3 simple steps...

more ENERGY ...

through increased body and mind performance and
smarter eating

more POWER ...

through intensive high functional whole body workout and mental coaching

more BODYSHAPE ...

through increased lean muscle and reduced body fat percentage

BEACHUP CAMP – a life changing full transformation package


  •  goal oriented 4 week camps with 3 sessions per week
  • real small groups: max. 6 people per camp!
  •  full MINDBODY transformation package
  • high intensive intervall training (HIIT) with daily changing routines to maximise the effects on power, endurance and lean muscle
  • intensive total body workout for men and women, from beginner to advanced
  • a team of internationally trained coaches with years of experience in the fitness industry
  • fun, motivation and challenges in a small group
  • smarter eating nutrition plans
  • personal coaching
  • before/after analysis of performance, lean muscle and bodyfat
  • helpful tips for your daily routines, online support
  • NO EXCUSE CAMP TIMES: join our early morning camps at 5:30 or 6:20 am or during your lunch break at 12:15. Just choose and book your preferred time online.

Start today,
make your dreams come true and become the person you want to be ...
All you need for your success:



Beachup Camp Empowerment

You want to know more?


We regularly offer INFOEVENTS where we present the programme, our team and our testimonials. We also offer company presentations during lunch breaks and/or special theme talks. Just contact us for more information.

You are ready for a change?  then you can easily book your spot in one of our camps online here: online anmelden.


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